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Public Protection & Social Distancing Policy

Did you know Shropshire Expert Cleaners have a professional, in-house created social distancing and public protection policy to protect its staff and your employees or family.

Please see it below!

Social Distancing

Due to the pandemic please ensure you adhere to the current guidelines without fail:

· When arriving on site you will have your temperature taken. If you fall into the red you will be asked to go home and will be contacted later in the day.

· You must adhere to a one meter plus social distancing rule – to ensure this when you need to speak to another cleaner please wait at the entrance to the room or at a safe distance and speak.

· You will all have a personal EN14476 disinfectant capable of killing enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, bacteria and germs – please sanitise frequently or before and after changing gloves.

· If your gloves rip – STOP! SANITISE! and immediately replace the broken glove.

· If you require a more powerful respirator than the standard available please let us know

· If you are from the same household the social distance does not apply, you can clean in close quarters.

· When passing over equipment please adhere to the social distancing guidelines – sanitise with EN14476 disinfectant before passing over.

· Please ensure windows are open and the room ventilated unless ULV fogging.

· Please ensure entry and exit doors are closed for the duration of the clean to protect others.

· Please leave your lunch in your car or van/ when it is lunch time please eat it in your vehicle not in the location you are cleaning in – we are happy for drinks to be brought in and kept with you at all times – do not share food or drinks even if in sealed packets unless you are from the same household.

· Please ensure masks are worn at all times unless otherwise instructed.

· If using toilet facilities, sanitise the toilet, taps first with EN14476 grade disinfectant. Before flushing the toilet, close the lid as toilet flushing can create a small aerosol cloud of droplets laced with germs, bacteria or viruses.

· Be aware of your surroundings and the location on non-protected school janitors/ care takers. If they come into the kitchen area while cleaning please make them aware the risk assessment does not allow anyone to be in that area except you.

· Should you feel a temperature, dry cough, unwell, have breathing problems or lightheaded please leave the room immediately and go outside informing your site manager who will read and document your body temperature – please do not be offended if you are asked to leave the clean immediately and go home to quarantine.

· Cleaning teams are now broken into cells bubbles as recommended by the CDC. This means you will only work with the same people. This ensures if an outbreak takes place you are all fairly well contained. With this in place we ask you to display common sense and not associate with members of other cell bubbles outside of work hours. This is for your protection and for the protection of the general public – this applies to standard domestic cleaning.

Area Cleaning

· Only clean areas you have been assigned. Do not join other teams or move on to other areas unless it has been verbally authorized.


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