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Business & Office

"The cost of sick leave can reach billions in the UK, we help to keep employees healthy & happy"

Business & Office

Why Business Premises?

  1. Lower sickness rates from diseases or sickness outbreaks. We kill Norovirus in under 30 seconds.

  2. Give confidence to staff that their work environments are safe and sanitised.

  3. Benefit from the reputation of us using environmentally friendly solutions that break down naturally within hours.

  4. Our disinfection systems sanitise hard surfaces & air and kill every known germ to man (August 2018) treatment certificate on completion.

  5. Emergency 24 hour response and enhanced services for Platinum Partners.

Business & Office - Hazards

  • Transmitted germs, viruses & bacteria on switches, controls, phones & door handles.

  • Estimated 100,000 germs spread over a distance of six feet from only one sneeze!

  • Sickness or Norovirus outbreaks within communal areas spread like wildfire.

  • Up to 30% discounts for multiple vehicle treatments - preventive sweeps through the night if required.


We'd love to hear from you

Contact Us Today

General & Quotes: 0800 193 3699

Emergency: 07462 479 576

Please leave a message on our 24 hour emergency line if no one answers.

Why Apply for Platinum Partner Status?

  • Get priority emergency response specialist cleaning services - often within 6 hours.

  • Gain access to our 24 hour, unadvertised,batphone.

  • The same specialist operator who will know and work toward your unique expectations.

  • Request 45 day payment terms for larger invoices - terms apply.

  • Get FREE £40 TREATMENT reports for each clean with before and after pictures.

  • Receive platinum protection certificate every six months for customer displays.

Lower/ Upper Tier Waste Transfer License issued by environmental department.
Specially underwritten public/ employee Liability Insurance.
5* Rated & Reviewed on, & Google+
4.7/5.0 on Trustpilot.
Official Contractor Status with:
  • Shropshire Council
  • Harper Adams University
  • Nock Deighton
  • Field Studies Councils
  • HAWK Plant Hire
  • One Stop Stores
  • Town Manor Properties
  • Several Solicitors & Surveyors
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