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We are the highest rated specialist cleaning company in Shropshire in 2019/ 2022/ 2023 Award winning, 100+ 5* rated & reviewed first class cleaning services.


Our technology performs hospital grade disinfection and decontamination. Yes... we actually use this in hospitals!


Our disinfection service kills every germ known to man ((August 2023) up to LOG 6 grade at 99.9999% kill rate.


Our technologies allow us to kill bacteria and viruses underneath the surface of walls and surfaces, even the circulating air.


We have public & employee liability insurance. Our staff go through constant training and feedback.


We have lower & upper tier waste transfer licences issued from the environmental department.


We provide FREE treatment certificates, viewings & written quotations based on a fully inclusive price - not per hour.

Firstly, our company would like you to know how sad we are that you have had to search for services covering death caused by crime or suicide.

Emergency trauma cleaning services such as crime, suicide or death in properties goes far beyond what can be seen and into the science of the unseen microscopic world.

This type of service goes far beyond the skills and experience of a standard cleaning company and is where we come in as specialists to be able to support you with thousands of hours of experience.

Our award winning experience and licenses allow us to successfully deal with after death scenarios with the same technology we use in clinics, hospitals, operating theatres and clean rooms. 

Our solutions are patented through out sister company and allow us to treat the surfaces of walls, ceilings and floors even reaching underneath the surface to the tiny places bacteria and viruses can hide unseen with the naked eye that cause severe sickness, odours and fly attraction.

Using Advanced Electrostatic Technology we remove odours, stains and unseen hazardous microbes. Further equipment detonates dangerous airborne threats and circulates a dry disinfection cloud safely inside electronic equipment and soft furnishings in contaminated areas.

What about the biohazardous materials generated from the work? We have the relevant licenses to legally bag, quarantine, transport and arrange incineration of said materials. We then keep legal paperwork for three years to protect you, and us from future inspections.

We know this is such a difficult time for you so we make it as easy as possible to use us so that you can focus on other important things:

Feel free to call us 24/7/365 on 07462 479 576 and let us have the details below or send them via whatsapp with pictures of the surrounding area with the details sent as well and we will get back in touch as soon as possible with a quote:

  • Name & phone number

  • Location (post code/ area)

  • Type of threat/ death (infection/ sickness outbreak)

  • Area to be decontaminated (number of rooms)

  • Level of urgency required

We are trusted throughout Shropshire to offer the support, compassion and patience you need and love delivering a level of service and trust unrivalled by other local companies.

Please call us on 07462 479 576

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