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Hoarder Cleaners Telford, Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton

Shropshire Expert Cleaners are professional and specialist cleaners in the West Midlands. We are experts in dealing with hoarder cleaners level 1-5 and beyond.

It is the following process that have earned us awards and five star reviewed service levels:

1. We speak to you over the phone to understand basic requirements, expectations and timescales of the job - answer any questions and book an appointment to attend.

2. We attend the property as arranged and view it in detail, we meet and greet the householder or tenant respecting privacy, dignity and with the greatest of respect.

3. We take pictures where allowed and respectfully leave the property.

4. Within 48 hours we provide you with a fully detailed report itemising exact work room by room, terms and conditions, payment terms and all information required - we reserve a couple of dates in pencil for a few days to give you chance to get other quotes.

5. If you choose to go ahead you agree to the transparent terms in the quote and we book it in.

6. If required we will arrange the skips to be dropped off and picked up as soon as we no longer need them to ensure they are not outside longer than needed.

7. We arrive on site at the agreed time and date. Picture document each room before beginning and then carry on. If requested we will update you at the end of each working day.

8. Should neighbours or passers by stop to ask us questions we give no details, allow no access and simply state that we are just cleaners.

9. We complete the clean giving you sufficient notice allowing you to meet us to inspect our work and sign it off - we then picture document each room on exit, hand you the keys and leave the property in the promised condition!

This is our process but each specialist or hoarder clean is unique to each property and person.

Want more information? Please call Simon on 07462 479 576.

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