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Road Traffic Accidents

"Sanitising bio-hazards contained on the road and in vehicles."

Road Traffic Accidents - Road & Vehicles

Why RTA?

  1. Lower sickness rates from diseases or sickness outbreaks. We kill Norovirus in under 30 seconds.

  2. Give confidence to clients that their vehicles is safe and sanitised.

  3. Benefit from the reputation of us using environmentally friendly solutions that break down naturally within hours.

  4. Extraction of bodily fluids and removal of paramedic fallout (needles/ syringes/ pads) treatment certificate on completion.

  5. Emergency 24 hour response and enhanced services for Platinum Partners.

RTA Road & Vehicles - Hazards

  • Bio-hazardous such as blood and body parts creating a potentially contaminating area of risk

  • Accidents in heavy construction vehicles may contain unseen and invisible biological dangers.
  • Blood spatter on roads and paths after accidents or death may require removal and sanitation.
  • Bodily fluids in vehicles requiring sanitation before repair work can begin.
  • Medical Emergency Workers (Paramedics) may in serious  cases leave medical matter, needles, equipment etc that required collection, bagging and disposal.


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