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After Death Cleaning Services

"You keep your members safe on the outside, keep them safe on the inside too."

After Death Cleaning

Who needs an After-Death Clean

- After a death of a family member that may have been or not been expected where the body has been left for more than a few hours.

- After a violent event such as a murder/ attempted murder/ suicide/ attempted suicide.

- Businesses that offer services that touch on people lives such as solicitors, social services, council workers, legal entities, estate agents and more - we can be great help in both consultation and specialist cleaning for clients.

- Any event where bodily leakage has occurred.


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After Death Cleaning Services - Hazards

- Fluid leakage from deceased bodies can drain through clothes, floor boards, walls and more.

- Blood and fluids can be very difficult to remove & may contain infections, diseases and bacteria.

- Vehicles involves in traffic accidents may need sanitation before insurance companies can begin repairs.

- Our equipment can sanitise not only hard surfaces but also the air leaving a shield that can prevent bacterial growth for up to 30 days.

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General & Quotes: 0800 193 3699

Emergency: 07462 479 576

Please leave a message on our 24 hour emergency line if no one answers.

Why Apply for Platinum Partner Status?

  • Get priority emergency response specialist cleaning services - often within 6 hours.

  • Gain access to our 24 hour, unadvertised,batphone.

  • The same specialist operator who will know and work toward your unique expectations.

  • Request 45 day payment terms for larger invoices - terms apply.

  • Get FREE £40 TREATMENT reports for each clean with before and after pictures.

  • Receive platinum protection certificate every six months for customer displays.

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