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100+ Coronavirus Cleans Successfully Completed During Lockdown!

This week, Shropshire Expert Cleaners completed their 100th #Coronavirus (active/ preventative connected) clean in three months!

Its been our privilege keeping people safe and knowing our infection control cleaners have potentially stopped a few chain reaction of events that halted thousands of potential infections and maybe a few deaths too.

This blog is not to promote ourselves, it is a post to thank our detailed and committed cleaners and the exceptionally responsible employers, landlords and business owners who are employing the more comprehensive clinical cleaning companies such as ourselves to make their people safer.

A massive thank you to our cleaners too who have on several occasions given up their days off work to jump into a hazmat suit and full face respirator and attend a job not knowing how long it will take! Often with only 45 minutes notice!

Another challenge begins for us this week, but with the cleaners we have, we are sure it will be successful.


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