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Hoarder + Social Service Cleaners - Telford | Newport | Brookside | Woodside | Ketley

Hoarder Cleaners & House Clearances Services

Social service and mental health agents are constantly looking for professional and expert cleaning contacts. This is the main reason Shropshire Expert Cleaners created a specialist solution just for them.

Since 2016, Shropshire Expert Cleaners has moved into work requiring one off or specialist cleaning requirements. From hoarder cleans to disease outbreaks, after death cleans to suicides we offer service, care and communication that is rated as 5*.

Shropshire Expert Cleaners is bespoke for each client. Generally we only deal with more specialist cleaning for social services, councils or housing associations.

Even though they already have cleaning teams we tend to take over when it goes beyond basic cleaning skills. We have come to have a "will take anything on and will make anything look excellent afterward" reputation.

Our high level services have taken us around much of the country helping many different businesses, companies and residential needs. From basic cleaning to specialist cleans requiring disinfection of walls we are able to provide appraisals and a full cost evaluation.

For premises or facilities within Telford, Shrewsbury Wolverhampton & Birmingham we provide free visits and quotations. Outside of these areas we reserve the right to charge a call out fee to view. We will let you know if this is the case although we try not to do this if possible.

We have worked with or entered company entities such as:

  • Shrewsbury Council, Shropshire Council, housing associations & mental health tenants

  • Vunerable facilities such as security companies, elderly homes and private schools

  • Telford Council & housing associations

  • BAE systems

  • Relocation companies

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