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Award Winning Expert Bathroom Deep Cleaning Standards in 2019

It's not just enough to clean a sink, bath, toilet, grout or tiles.

We have a special method that has contributed to awards we have won, already in 2019!

Firstly, the solutions we use cost between £3 and £9 per bottle! Some of these cannot even be bought in Europe! But we happily use them to give a fantastic and amazing shine, 100% removal of hard water (although we reduce this % if there is a risk our solutions will damage the surroundings)

We have a full training course for our people when it comes to cleaning sinks, bathrooms, toilets and showers - the reason? Our exceptional cleaning of bathrooms is what we are known for, it is what sets a standard above other cleaning companies operating around us in Shropshire.

Our technique is:

- Spray premium limescale remover on sink, taps and plug

- Scrub & rinse all

- Dry sink with thick microfibre cloth

- Spray window spray onto stainless steel & chrome inc taps

- Dry chrome or stainless with window microfibre ensuring no water marks or hard water deposits and re-dry sink area

- Inspect using different angles of light

- Management inspection and sign-off bathroom

You know you are using a high level cleaning company when we train people to detail clean a sink properly.

Being a national specialist cleaning company also gives us access that standard cleaning companies do not have the connections or training to use, excellent when clearing hardened grime and calcium.

Shropshire Expert Cleaners

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