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Best Deep Cleaning Services Telford, Shrewsbury

Today we came across what we believe may be the worst cleaners in Telford!

We were called in by a lovely lady who had just bought a home and paid for a cleaning company to clean it through for them. The standard of cleaning was shocking.

As you can see from the before pictures limescale was rampant, thick mould on the windows with no smears (so they had not even tried to clean them), unflushed and used toilets, thick grime and grease on all the surfaces in the kitchen.

It is sad, but often with our standards being among, if not the highest in Shropshire due to the nature of our work, we often get called in after cleaning companies to rectify their work and bring up the standard.

It can be much more expensive this way, but if you pay for cheap you will get cheap results. Why not go with the 5* award winning company from the start?!

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