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Biohazard Cleaners Telford, Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton

Suicide cleaners, biohazard cleaners, trauma cleaners
Trauma, Suicide & Biohazard Cleaners in Telford, Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton

Shropshire Expert Cleaners LTD are the highest rated and reviewed combined clearance and specialist cleaning company in Shropshire and Wolverhampton.

As professional and highly experienced specialist decontamination, disinfection and forensic cleaning operators, Shropshire Expert Cleaners frequently deal with crime scenes, violent crimes, blood cleanups, suicides and attempted suicides including gun crime and suicides in Shropshire.

With various types of industry leading technology, much or what we use for the NHS in hospitals, clinics, clean rooms and operating theatres we are able to bring hospital grade services into your home after a biohazardous event.

We combine a professional service infused with a compassionate, kind and gentle edge. We understand how emotional it can be to lose a loved one and we make sure that we support you as much as possible by taking full control, being very transparent with pricing while understanding your needs and delivering a full service from start to finish.

We have the necessary licences and qualifications to remove, quarantine and transport bio-hazardous waste and have industry leading professionals in place to deep landfill, heat treat or incinerate what we transport. We also generate and keep all legal paperwork to ensure that it is dealt with professionally and legally for you.

If you ever find yourself in an unfortunately position where you need a forensic biohazard cleaning company in Telford, Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton or Shropshire please feel free to get in touch and let us show you why we have over 100 5* reviews and support you in a difficult time.

Please call our 24 hour line on 07462479576


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