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Companies that clean up after a death - Telford/ Shrewsbury/ Wolverhampton

It is a sad fact of life that people die whether a violent death or simply someone passing away.

There are two main types of after death cleaning in Telford, Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton and a couple of categories under each type - if you are unsure from the description below or need advice please do not hesitate to give us a ring.

We understand this is a delicate and difficult time and we have professional cleaners and very caring staff who will empathise with you.

Both of the types of death below require a very different response from us:

  • After death clean (attended) - this is where death is expected. For example a sick tenant or member of the family has an illness that is terminal and it is expected that death will occur within hours. Death has happened within hours of you calling us - often most households can handle this themselves without us.

  • After death clean (unattended) - this is where death was not expected and the body has been left for more than one day and the death was 'unattended.' It may be that the unfortunate death has occurred in between social service visits and the tenant or householder have no family. In this case a few days or weeks may pass and this is when you need us to sanitise the property and the complications that come with it.

Blood, bodily waste, anal leakage, fat, brain matter will leak from every hole in the body. This will penetrate wood, bricks, carpet, concrete and pretty much permeates everything. It will then attract wildlife & flies who will lay eggs and often hundreds or thousands of maggots can be growing inside and throughout the property - this is the reason you will need us to sanitise the property once the body has gone - we of course provide you with a full treatment report (sufficient for the Department of Environmental Health.)

It is also important for us to know whether it was a violent or non-violent death. Our specialist operators are required to study and pass a diploma in Forensic Science to understand a crime scene. It is far simpler for us to clean up after someone has passed away through the night in bed than it is after a violent crime.

We know this is a lot of information, if the above is too much to take in, please do not worry... simply give us a call on 07462 479 576 and we will decide the best method and either visit or quote over the phone if possible.

Shropshire Expert Cleaners

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