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Coronavirus Personal Protection Kits

To help businesses and the public we are putting together COVID-19 personal protection kits (PPKs) to help you keep yourself happy and healthy and lower the threat of infection. While nothing beats basic hygiene, some may have incorrect masks or knowledge of how germs and disinfectants work for example the thin material surgical masks offer very little if any protection.

With the potential for Coronavirus to either deteriorate or expand its reach globally Shropshire Expert Cleaners is completing the process of putting together a control kit for an immediate response in your homes, properties or head offices.

Viewing and putting into place the government's comprehensive infection prevention and control guidance documents five pieces of kit are required to treat a small outbreak in house. Our control kits not only add additional items but also exceed on the current guidelines set by the government for laboratories who deal with COVID-19.

For example we are creating and premixing the chlorine based disinfectant that is 5 times more powerful that suggested by government guidelines.

We always suggest that you call us in to deal with professionally as we will be able to from mid March 2020, however if you prefer to have your own control and prevention kit with instructions please let us know and you will be one of the first to receive one of our control kits when they become available to purchase.

Do you suspect Coronavirus infection? Give us a call and we will visit to quote for infection control - please note we cannot detect Coronavirus but we can sanitise a property to kill it according to government research, methods and guidelines.

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