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Coronavirus School Deep Cleaning Specialists in Wolverhampton & Dudley

The teams have been out in force again today!

A 54 room School in Wolverhampton fully sanitised after a COVID-19 outbreak.

This makes nearly 55 schools we have either entirely or partially treated!

Our PPE is well above the standard of the majority of cleaning companies in Shropshire.

1. Our acid filter half or full face respirators offer up to 50 times the protection required by government guidelines when treating in Coronavirus areas.

2. Our Tyvek Class III Hazmat suits are the same worn by Police forensic and detective units to protect themselves in potentially bio-hazardous or infectious environments. We have chemical attack grade suits in reserve and respirators for long exposure to infections.

3. Our disinfectants are up to 500 times more powerful than those bought in supermarkets and more environmentally friendly.

DID YOU KNOW... that while many are impressed by a disinfectant that boasts a 99.9% kill rate that on the International Grade of Disinfection Logs, 99.9% is not even classed as sanitation level but only cleaning level?


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