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Deep Cleaning Services in Telford & Shrewsbury

Deep Cleaning Services Telford & Shrewsbury
Deep Cleaning Services Telford & Shrewsbury

Cleaning companies all have different definitions of deep cleaning.

At Shropshire Expert Cleaners we do the full range of cleaning services from standard, deep and clinical cleaning. Feedback from previous customers has been that our standard cleaning levels have been higher than other companies deep cleaning levels!

Our deep cleaning services apply when you need sanitation or disinfection services alongside a clean that will make your business or home sparkle afterwards!

At this level we kill all bacteria and germs known to man as of August 2018. This can be because of illness, sickness, lack of bodily control or violent crime or suicide.

The beauty of having a company like us performing your specialist or end of tenancy clean is that we can advise you onsite what type of clean you need and put it in writing for you.

Why not give us a call and arrange a free visit and quotation on 07462 479 576?

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