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Deep Cleaning Services Shrewsbury

Deep Cleaning Services Shrewsbury
Deep Cleaning Services Shrewsbury

Every cleaning company has its own definition of deep cleaning. Some simply use it to define a clean that requires scrubbing or heavy wiping. We however view deep cleaning as not only scrubbing but sanitation. At this level we clean what you can see, and kill what you cant!

The beauty of using our services is that we are always equipped to deal with specialist cleaning. This makes us ideal to work with when it comes to normal and specialist deep cleaning.

Estate agents and Shropshire Council have us on official contractor status as it makes sense to have a professional cleaning company that can deal with almost anything you come across. Our pedigree of being a 5* rated and reviewed, award winning cleaning company helps too :)

We visit your premises in person, build a professional fully detailed cleaning quote usually within 24 hours, and reserve you a date for a couple of days with no obligation so that you have time to think, get more quotes and let us know without being on the spot.

There is no pressure, no sales, just professional service and experiences.

Thank you

Simon Campbell

Shropshire Expert Cleaners 07462 479 576

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