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Deep Cleaning Services Telford | Shrewsbury 02.2019

These pictures do not do the amazing transformation justice!

This is because the after pictures were taken in complete darkness at night-time with only a flash so do not show the real detail of the finished and sanitised work.

Here are a few facts to help you appreciate the level of work and dedication that went into this biohazard, trash and sanitation clean:

1. Total cleaning time was 58 hours, 30 minutes.

2. 160+ individual biohazard events identified and sanitised.

3. LOG 4 & LOG 6 disinfectants used throughout - strong enough to kill HIV - 99.9999%.

4. 5 litres of disinfectant sanitation solutions used.

5. 45 heavyweight black bags loaded and removed.

6. Around 1500 litres of water used for cleaning, scrubbing, sanitation & rinsing.

7. Nearly 140 gloves torn or ripped throughout clean.

8. 8 litres of acid used.

We really appreciated the dedication and skill of our cleaners on this project.

Do you have a requirement for a specialist or deep cleaning service in your locality?

Give us a call on 07462 479 576

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