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Funeral Director & Veterinary Deep Cleaning Telford | Shrewsbury

Did you know what Shropshire Expert Cleaners now provide professional deep cleaning services for funeral directors, funeral homes & Vets?

From professional consultation to expertly compiled and presented quotations we offer first class services from day one. We are known for our service and quality of work making us a 5* experience.

Our solutions are known as LOG 6 grade disinfectants meaning a 99.9999% effective kill in suspension tests. This currently kills every germ and bacteria known to man as of July 2019.

Our disinfectants are even environmentally friendly with some having the same PH as rain water making it easy to enter within one or two hours of treatment completion.

Our quotes are very comprehensive meaning they are of the quality that allows them to be presented to directors, funding committees and the environmental department. On completion we even present you with a professional treatment certificate which again the environmental department accepts - this is totally voluntary.

Need an emergency specialist response? Call us on 07462 479 576

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