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How to choose a professional biofogging company

Hundreds of new bio fogging companies have appeared over the last few weeks.

Many have no idea what they are doing, starting this kind of specialist cleaning company with no experience in the heat of a Pandemic is a little like deciding to learn how to fly a plane and take on the controls while on a plane in midflight... in the middle of an electric storm! Perhaps not the best time!

If you want to see if you are dealing with professional amateurs ask them the following questions and jot the answers down. If they cannot answer any of these then please do not use them!

What EN grade solution do you use to kill the Coronavirus?

What micron size do you plan to use or does your machine create?

What are the datasheets for your solutions?

What does ULV stand for and how does it work in simple terms?

How do you ensure that you do not contaminate and transmit the virus to my premises or others?

Ask them for a copy of their insurance

Ask them for an example of their risk assessment for bio fogging

Ask them for a copy of their public protection or social distancing policy

If they can provide all of the above as we can and more than they will know what they are doing. If not maybe find a professional who can :)

Shropshire Expert Cleaners

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