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NEW!!! Professional BIO-Fogging! Touchless Disinfection Technology

National biofogging services

Shropshire Expert Cleaners bio-fogging is able to thoroughly sanitise entire rooms quickly and effectively getting to work immediately. Once the treatment is complete the space is free of any pathogens and you can return within 60 minutes of completion. Due to its speed and capabilities, this is more cost-effective than traditional cleaning and there is no need to move furniture or equipment around for the treatment to work.

Many cleaning companies may sanitise properties or business locations but will only sanitise hard surfaces and use old spraying techniques meaning spots and patches can easily be missed. Our new technology enables us mid-treatment, to sanitise not only hard surfaces but also the air in the room! Not many cleaning companies can do this effectively in the UK.

How many people sneeze at your place of work? Do not wash their hands after using the toilet? Have a virus or infection they spread to keyboards, telephones, handles, light switches, cutlery, books or simply breathing into the air?

Perfect for:

* Nurseries & Schools

* Doctors & Dentists

* Hospitals & Surgeries

* Nursing Homes

* After Death Events

* Equine Locations

* Vets, Kennels & Catteries

* Trains & Transport

* Food Preparation Areas

Treatment certificate supplied as standard.

One-off treatments of regular treatments available from August 2018.

NEW in AUGUST 2018! Pre - book or get more information today!

Call Simon on 07462 479 576

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