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Professional Coronavirus Cleaners in Telford

At this time we have completed over 86 #COVID19 decontaminations both preventative and active.

We are respected consultants as well as leading on the front line for many educational and commercial facilities which have to tape off and quarantine areas ready for us to attend, disinfect, decontaminate then certify as safe.

We work to deliver above expectations. We tell you what you need to know and then adapt and enhance our work as we proceed with your best interests in mind.

Our owner Simon Campbell has over 15,000 hours cleaning experience and 5,000 of these are in specialist environments and most of them are too bad to take pictures to post from.

We are currently on call for over 150 schools, universities and special educational residences many being responded too with infection control staff within 45 minutes!

We are not new to this, we have been covering the above against disease outbreaks and biohazard events for several years - get the cleaners with proven experience.

How are you prepared for the second and third wave?


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