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Professional Coronavirus School Cleaning Services in Telford & Shrewsbury

The Coronavirus has been spreading like wildfire across the globe and prompting lockdowns throughout the planet.

With the second wave now hitting like a tsunami educational facilities are being hit fast, hard and with fury.

Several schools in Telford, Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton have been made to close with many on alert due to potential infected people awaiting tests which could affect them.

Shropshire Expert Cleaners have Coronavirus cleaned 53 schools in the West Midlands over the past three months - both air and hard surface sanitation.

We are encouraging schools, universities and nurseries to not wait until they have a positive result of Coronavirus. Get us in now to view and provide a written quote. Once this happens we know the layout of the property and you already have the price in writing, you simply call and we respond.

We hope that the disruption to our young peoples education is not affected for long, but until then we are their to support you with our infection control services and FREE consultations.

Lets get through this together.


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