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Do you have a Second Wave Coronavirus Plan?

Do you have a Second Wave Coronavirus Contingency Plan?

We congratulate you as a business having survived the first Coronavirus pandemic. It has certainly changed the way that we all operate and planning for a potential second wave of Coronavirus, or indeed another Pandemic or Epidemic is cause for concern for many businesses.

Shropshire Expert Cleaners were prepared for the Coronavirus Pandemic 10 weeks before lockdown happened. We could see the signs and were prepared in both chemicals and research for when it happened sanitising key customer locations in January 2020!

Now we are helping businesses prepare in case it or another outbreak of this or some other virus occurs.

We have 1500 leaflets being distributed to businesses throughout Telford, Shropshire and Wolverhampton to help you do this and get us on board as and when, or if you need us.

Why not arrange a free visit for us to view your business premises, provide a written quote which is valid for 6 months and then simply keep us on speed dial if you need us in the future.

We will then know the layout, have pictures and a plan put in place before any outbreaks which makes it much more simple and gives you priority over people who have not prepared ahead of time.

Call us on 07462 479 576 or email us for a digital copy/ send address and we will post you one out.

Shropshire Expert Cleaners

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