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Need a specialist cleaning company? 10 reasons to choose us?

There is a reason why Shropshire Expert Cleaners are a 5* rated and reviewed cleaning company in Shropshire. In fact, universities, councils, schools, mental health departments, estate agents comment on how professional, friendly and competent we are.

Several factors make us 5* rated and reviewed such as communication, quotation and skill through work.

Why not see the top 10 reasons below

The TOP 10 reasons to use us if you have specialist cleaning requirements are:

1 - Experience in the top levels - You will notice many of the testimonials are addressed to Simon, our company owner. The reason being that he is on 95% of cleans leading from the front and inspecting standards. He has 10,000 hours cleaning experience with much of that in hazardous environments.

While many cleaning company owners simply have no idea how to clean and shout orders from the sidelines, Simon is often the first one you will see, and the last one to leave - although this is how it should be.

2 - Higher tier waste transfer license - Did you know that to transport any kind of waste (even grass cuttings) a company has to have a waste transfer license? To not have one is an offense and the environmental department can fine up to £5,000 if a company is moving waste of any kind.

Shropshire Expert Cleaners has a higher tier waste transfer license. This license authorises us by the environmental department to carry waste of any hazardous kind from one address to another - again this is an added expense but we cant to make sure you and us are protected.


3 - The best disinfectants in the world - Shropshire Expert Cleaners are constantly sourcing the best performing solutions globally. Our industrial limescale and hard water removal solutions come from Canada not ASDA round the corner for example!

Many of the jobs we take on are hazardous and we need to trust our solutions and equipment both protect us in the present and your family in the future. With this in mind we are always looking for the best sanitation solutions the world has to offer.

4 - Our insurance - Shropshire Expert Cleaners is that diverse in it's work that it has had to invest in underwriters creating an insurance policy just for them. While an insurance document might cover some of what we do, we do not like surprises when it comes to insurance and pay over £1000 per annum to make sure it covers us and you.

5 - Highly detailed & easy to understand quotes - Doctors and dentists have commented on how professional and detailed our quotes are. When we visit on site firstly it is to make sure you are happy with us as people and as a company. Once we have a good understanding of what your desired expectations are, and the work needed to meet them we then go back to base and provide you with a 3 - 6 page quote within 36 hours.

To give you time to think about it, get more quotes and make sure you have time to ask questions you might have, we even pencil you in a date. This is no obligation and before you even say yes. But this way we both know if you need us, you have us.

6 - References - Shropshire Expert Cleaners have references from mothers with new born babies to domestic managers at universities, from council social workers to multi-millionaire businessman. We deal with people at all levels and work to meet their expectations but if a reference helps your peace of mind, we would be over the moon to put you in touch with them :)

7 - Track record - When something unexpected and tragic happens such as a death or suicide you need to know you are dealing with a company who can get the job done, with no supervision and with the experience to identify additional things that may need doing with an honest outlook - with us communication is key.

We have dealt with road traffic accident vehicles, after death events, bodily fluid clean ups to large farmhouses with 25 foot high ceilings and spiders the size of your hand! Our passion, caring and expert attitude mean that we offer you a service that is indeed 5* and have the pedigree to back up our statements.

8 - All inclusive prices - We do not charge by the hour on specialist jobs but rather for the job agreed to on paper. This means that you are not paying for people to have two hour lunch breaks and know exactly how much it will cost with no hidden surprises. This means if the clean takes longer than expected it is our problem, not yours and we are happy to put that in writing.

9 - Consultation & reputation - Many new and existing clients have such a good and honest relationship with us they call us for advice on jobs we are not even going to do! They even ask us if they will need us to do a job or if their current cleaners can handle it. We are honest and will quite happy say that you don't really need us! For us it is about providing a good experience, we know if we are honest with you, you will not only use us but recommend us.

10 - Referrals - While we have top spots on Google for many of our chosen key phrases in Shropshire we get 80% of our business from referrals. This tells you much about the kind of company we are.

Shropshire Expert Cleaners are delighted to work with you if only one clean or one hundred. You will always receive a 5* service because when we speak to you, you are the most important thing in the world to us.

Why not give us a call?

Call Simon direct on: 07462 479 576

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