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UK Coronavirus Cleaning Companies - Biofogging Technology

Shropshire Expert Cleaners have been identified as an essential service due our type and level of cleaning services verbally by West Mercia Police Force Control Centre.

The government sets guidelines that cleaning companies need to adhere to in order to fight the Coronavirus. Shropshire Expert Cleaners goes above this and engages the guidelines that the Government sets for laboratories or hospitals working directly with COVID-19 - this helps us stay safer, and you too.

How do we treat for CORONAVIRUS?

  • Our Solutions - Government guidelines state that ideally Chlorine based disinfectants with a minimum of 1000ppm (parts per million mixture) be used to kill Human Coronavirus. We mix at a minimum of 8000ppm.

  • Custom Mix Solution - We mix our solutions fresh on site for maximum strength. This ensures that the solution we use has not been sitting on a shelf in a supplier warehouse for 12 months or longer. Fresh, maximum kill power, custom mixed and measured on site. This also applies to the LOG 6 disinfectants we use on site.

  • CDC confirms some domestic selected 99.9% disinfectants can kill most of the Coronavirus. Can you imagine how powerful our specialist 99.9999% disinfectants can do? We mix these on site as well to a strength powerful enough to kill Coronavirus and HIV. Both of these solutions on their own will kill the virus, we treat with both separately to ensure a successful kill.

  • Surface/ Air Sanitation - we sanitise the air before entering able to change the size of microns (size of the disinfectant drops) to either land and cover surfaces to disinfect hard surfaces, or small enough so the they suspend in the air long enough to sanitise against Coronavirus. We sanitise between 15 - 24 feet in-front of us as we proceed.

  • End of Tenancy Cleaners - we have no idea if the people recently exiting the property have been infected with COVID-19. With this in mind we will either only clean properties empty of agents/ contractors or tenants for seven consecutive days and upgrade solutions to kill Coronavirus OR go in quicker for you with an additional charge to sanitise the property fully as we view this as a potential active Coronavirus threat.

  • We have an in-house 5D point cleaning method - detergent, drying, disinfection, delay & decontamination.

  • We daily update our knowledge and cleaning methods based on daily updates from the NHS, CDC, GOV.UK & WHO.

  • Can we guarantee a full kill of the Coronavirus in a property or premises? In all honesty, if a company promises this do not use them, no one can guarantee this. But as you can see from our processes above we have one of the most comprehensive methods available in Shropshire. We will also advise you on how to not re-contaminate a premises.

If you have any queries, worries or need consultations for your business please call us on the number below.

Call us today on 07462 479 576 (please email first)

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