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What Is Biofogging? What makes us a solid choice?

Hundreds of new businesses have started bio fogging in the UK alone in the last few weeks due to the Pandemic. Even though this may seem a good thing many are amateurs with no knowledge of how viruses, bacteria or large scale sanitation works.

Many of these companies are unprofessional and have no idea how this technology or invisible warfare works making them a danger to themselves, the environment and to you.

What makes us trustworthy and unique?

First if you type "What is Bio Fogging" into Google, Google uses our website to answer the question as seen in the picture above out of nearly one million (1,000,000) websites! Cant get much more of a good testimonial than Google!

Secondly, our 5* track record. We are on 24 hour call for Telford & Wrekin Council, Shropshire Council, Warwickshire Council, several social services departments, gym chains and over 100 educational facilities.

Our service and results speak for themselves and we have been offering bio fogging since 2018 and performing high level sanitation and specialist cleaning evens since 2010!

When you need experts... choose the professionals with experience.

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