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What is involved in a Deep Cleaning Service?

As professional and specialist cleaners we do things very different to a standard cleaning company.

Once we leave a premises our work is far from over! Did you know after a disinfection or biohazardous clean we often have to spend up to three hours sanitising, disinfecting and fumigating every square inch of the van, equipment and cab?

The walls, floors, every small piece of equipment and even the power cord and wheels of the hoovers need to be disinfected to ensure no trace of virus or bacteria can contaminate the next job.

This picture was from us fumigating the van to ensure there are no insects, mites, spiders or fleas in the van. This was after a recent specialist clean where we needed to purge a property with over 4,000 flies and maggots!

We then recycle the plastic, cardboard, paper and general waste to help the environment.

We do not view ourselves as cleaners, but professionals. When you need professionals, we are the company to call.


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