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Coronavirus Cleaning Companies UK

Shropshire Expert Cleaners have been operating as emergency response specialist cleaners for nearly 10 years. We are not new to dealing with viral, bacterial or disease outbreak threats.

Needless to say however the Coronavirus strains have been a strain on our company and its staff over the last 12 months and we have at times been booked up 12 weeks ahead!

We have professionally sanitised air and hard surfaces on over 120 cleans including over 54 schools and we are so pleased we are trusted with this work. Many cleaning companies profess to be able to perform deep cleaning services but have absolutely no experience dealing with the microscopic world as the in this war you fight the invisible.

A study we have independently performed on several companies has found only 5% of them actually know how to successfully kill the virus, the solutions, the chemicals, the method, EN standards and the techniques to kill viruses to a level they cannot infect someone.

We do this as standard and knew all of this before the pandemic, yet we have still increased our knowledge to take us to an even higher clinical deep cleaning level!

So when you need a 5* rated professional cleaning company who will protect you from things you do not even know exist, give us a call ;)

Call Simon on 07462479576


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