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Mould Removal Services in Telford | Shrewsbury | Wolverhampton

Shropshire Expert Cleaners offer expert mould removal and prevention service in Telford, Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton.

We are well aware that many companies who claim to remove mould only wash the surface and clean the top mould leaving the root system to simply regrow again. On this clean we also advised on prevention methods and included in this service:

1. Pressure spray of powerful, non toxic, non bleach solution

2. Initial scrub clean and rinse x 3

3. Full removal of surface mould and rinse

4. Feeding second stage solution into the wall to help kill the root system

5. Mould inhibitor additive delivered to customer to mix into emulsion paint to prevent regrowth

6. Consultation with customer regarding extractor fan idea and ideal placement in the bathroom

Customer was very happy with our work and the level of service they received from us.

Need a written quote on our professional services? Call us today on 07462 479 576.

Shropshire Expert Cleaners

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