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Professional Black Mould Removal in Stone | Stafford | Shropshire

Shropshire Expert Cleaners LTD provide professional mould removal services in Telford, Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton, Stone and Stafford through our sister company Sanondaf Shropshire trading as Shropshire Disinfection Services LTD.

We are well aware that many companies who claim to remove mould only wash the surface and clean the top mould leaving the root system to simply regrow again.

Want to learn why bleach should never be your first treatment option? Click HERE!

How do we professionally remove mould?

Firstly we see mould as it is, a dangerous and spreading infection which will destroy hard and soft surfaces and with exposure over time can be fatal to human beings as has been seen over the past couple of years in the media.

This is why it is important not to use a normal cleaning company but rather an infection control and disease outbreak specialist who understands how this menace works.

Firstly our solution which is through our sister company Sanondaf Shropshire trading as Shropshire Disinfection Services LTD. This solution is patented and unavailable in the shops and unavailable to buy. This is used by us in hospitals, clinics, veterinary practices and funeral homes to name a few and is also validated by the NHS and authorised for use in NHS England and NHS Scotland.

In essence, Through Sanondaf Shropshire we bring hospital grade disinfection of bacteria, viruses and mould into your home and give you the same protection and high level service. Sanosil SO10 kills up to 99.9999% and instead of activating the self defence of mould like bleach does, it detonates it dead!

What equipment do we use?

Sanostatic fogger Projects a dry disinfection cloud that fills the room, circulates and follows air currents and detonates mould/ spores/ bacteria and viruses which we use in hospitals/ clinics/ clean rooms/ laboratories. It circulates the room and follows the currents even into electrical items which do not need switching off – dry fog means it is safe ON and IN electrical and sensitive items - mould spores cannot hide!

Electrostatic Sprayer Targeting ceilings/ walls/ carpets/ toys etc. Project negatively charged particles of the same disinfectant used in the Sanostatic fogger and is attracted into the very grains and hiding places/ surfaces such as walls and furniture reaches places that mould uses to hide from spray bottles and cloths. Safe around electrical items and on toys and touchable items.

Patented solution biodegrades to Oxygen/ Water – NHS validated for use on their sites.

Did you know that mould can hide in grains of walls, plastic and metal so small that a cloth and spray bottle will pass over it and will be too big to get inside? This means that the mould on the surface is killed, but then simply grows back out again from these tiny places and lands when airborne.

This is why we use specialist equipment so that mould simply, cannot hide.

Interested in seeing how we can help with your mould problem? Why not call us today regarding our mould removal services in Telford, Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton, Stafford and Stone.

Call us on 07462479576 or email us at for more information.


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