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Crime Scene Cleaning, Drug House, Burglary & Missing Person

Shropshire Expert Cleaners had all the most challenging cleans rolled into one this week! Missing person, clearance of possessions, crime scene clean with blood splatter on ceilings and walls, burglary, light drug use all inside a two bedroom flat put our forensic cleaning and science skills to the test!

Six specialist emergency response cleaners over 70 hours overfilled a 16 yard skip, sanitised all danger points, needle removals and clinically cleaned through and more!

Equipment we used on site to ensure our staff are protected were:

* Class III hazmat suits - these ensure that our uniforms underneath do not get contaminated by biohazard or drug hazards and transferred to vehicles or homes.

* Half/ full face respirators with suitable filters - these stop us inhaling virus loads and disturbed drug powders. This also stops us unconsciously touching our nose, mouth or eyes.

* Sharp kits - These are used to store needles in a safe place ready for legal and professional disposal.

* Internal daylight gear - often these places have no electric - you cannot safely operate without lighting and beware the shadows! Booby traps for police are not uncommon.

* 10 years of experience - with these types of environments experience is our best asset. Our company owner has over 13,000 hours cleaning experience and will be managing every major event.



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