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Professional Mould Removal in Telford, Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton

Mould removal can be a complicated process which covers termination of spores in the air circulating in the room as well as the mould on surfaces and the root system.

Shropshire Expert Cleaners LTD also are part of Shropshire Disinfection Services LTD who are experts in the termination of both airborne and surface dwelling mould with can be a challenge to remove effectively.

Using Sanosil SO10 (which also kills hundreds of viruses and bacteria including, Norovirus and COVID19 and used in NHS England and NHS England sites by us) we use this in conjunction with two machines.

After measuring the SQFT of the room being treated we calculate the amount of solution needed to suspend in the air. The first machine when programmed then launches a dry disinfection cloud which expands in the room suspended in the air and killing airborne spores that can cause serious and sometimes fatal respiratory symptoms.

Once this is completed we then use our electrostatic sprayer which coats all surfaces with the dry solution which leaves no residue and eventually biodegrades into Oxygen and Water.

Sanosil SO10 is safe for use to use on plants and electrical equipment and is used in clean rooms, labs, hospitals, intensive care units and all industries because of its versatile nature - we use this to spray clothing, walls, ceilings, windows, upholstery and soft fabrics and even carpets in the mould area - imagine the damaged cause by bleach if you contracted a company who used this!?

The room is then free to use usually about 30 minutes after we leave site.


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