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Professional Office Cleaning Services in Telford | Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton

Professional office cleaners in Telford, Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton
Professional Office Cleaners Telford | Shrewsbury | Wolverhampton

Shropshire Expert Cleaners offer professional office cleaning standards and exceptional services to help customise your experience and keep your standards high.

The main challenge with office cleaners according to polls and questionnaires we have performed on other cleaning companies we have taken over from are the following:

Lack of communication

Having no direct access to the managers who can make a difference can be a challenge. Slipping in standards or failing attention to detail can be a challenge to report if you have no good and open lines of communication to management.

At Shropshire Expert Cleaners not only will your first meet and greet be with the company owner Simon Campbell, but he will build your bespoke business checklist, be on the first few cleans to make sure you are happy with the standard of your cleaner who will be taking over, and also randomly perform inspections at least once per month.

You will also have his direct email address and a monthly questionnaire that you can feedback. We will then re-train and check our cleaner based on what you have highlighted.

Quality Control & Standards

Generally, cleaning companies start well, but then standards fail as time goes on. We have monthly meetings with all our cleaners, monthly questionnaires sent to you and which is returned directly to our company owner. We have a 5* rating in Shropshire, and we want to keep it this way so we encourage feedback and any concerns you may have.

So... need an office cleaner? Why not meet us and arrange a visit.

We charge £14 per person per hour with a minimum £30 per clean charge.

Give us a call on 07462 479 576!

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