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Professional School Infection Control Cleaners - Overnight Services

Shropshire Expert Cleaners now have a professional specialist infection control cleaning team available overnight to support educational facilities to get part of whole of their facilities safe and certified by the next working day.

If you get a positive COVID19 test back from a student or teacher you may decide to shut down a section of school on the same day and call us in to treat it for you in the evening or night ready for opening the next day.

Need more information?

8th March 2021 - Overnight School Infect
Download • 347KB

which gives you full information regarding who we are, what we do and why we are one of the best infection control companies in Shropshire.

We have treated over 125 commercial properties for Coronavirus including over 60 schools.

When you need a professional infection control clean why not call the experts who have been around years before the Pandemic started?

Shropshire Expert Cleaners 07462 479 576


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