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COVID19 School Cleaners Telford | Wolverhampton | Dudley | Shrewsbury

Shropshire Expert Cleaners have completed over 60 COVID-19 school cleans and are known for their expert approach and unrivaled customer service.

We are not a standard cleaning company who suddenly decided to perform deep cleans since the Pandemic. We have been performing specialist clinical deep cleaning since 2010 dealing with unknown outbreaks and sickness events for councils and large companies alike.

Many cleaning companies have neither the experience or the knowledge to complete such a forensic clean safely. Active threats such as viruses require a very organised approach, the correct specialist solutions diluted on site that cannot be found in supermarkets and experienced trained staff.

On a COVID-19 clean you will not find our staff with small dust masks, face coverings or paper thin overalls, they will be in half or full face 99.99% filtered respirators and class III tyvek hazmat suits police forensics use along with 4 way radios so that we can live update and alter cleaning as we proceed in various areas.

Cheap or inexperienced cleaning companies may unknowingly spread virus loads around the building spreading the contamination, into their vehicles, into their homes and creating an even greater infection spread.

Our solutions are not only 300 times more powerful than shop bought but kill the virus up to 15 times faster, food safe and environmentally friendly.

We have the facility to disinfect air and hard surfaces alike.

Is your school completely closed with all key-holders currently in isolation? We can pick up the keys if within 10 miles of the school and then return them afterwards.

Need an emergency quote? Many of the councils we work with request a quote and have it within 4 hours based on floor plans they supply to us - our quotes are 6-7 pages long and very detailed.

We are also official contractors for Telford & Wrekin, Shropshire Council & Dudley Council to name a few.

Shropshire Expert Cleaners would love to help your educational facility and on completion present you with both a treatment report and treatment certificate which can be emailed to Public Health UK or the Department for Environmental Health.


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