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Environmental Agency Registered Specialist Cleaners

With standard or specialist cleans the department of Health & Safety, Environmental Agency or Police can challenge you as regards to collecting, transporting and disposing of waste.

There have even been instances where van drivers have collected that much McDonald's waste packaging from their lunches over a week in the cab it was deemed as carrying generated waste and they were fined for not having a waste carrier licence!

Due to #climatechange and disposing of waste properly, members of the public are more savvy and regularly ask on our quote visits if we have these licenses.

We are totally against flytipping and can show the journey of waste from every single specialist clean we have performed over the last 5 years with 95% going to #recycling and 5% to landfill or incineration.

Can your #specialist cleaning company do that?

To make life easier for our staff have official licenses and carry handheld identity cards which can be handed to the relevant authority or member of the public for them to vet and verify our upper tier waste transfer, carrier and broker licence.


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