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Hoarder Cleaners Telford - Extreme Cleaners Shrewsbury | Wolverhampton

Shropshire Expert Cleaners are the leading award winning (2019/ 2022/ 2023) combined hoarder, clearance and clinical deep cleaning specialists in Telford, Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton and after the clearance can even offer hospital grade air and hard surface disinfection services (that we actually use to certify clinics!)

From the initial property visit to the quote and deliver of work our clients consistently mention how our level of service is highly recommended along with the requirement for a caring and sensitive engagement.

It is more important than ever to make sure you use a company that complies with legal obligations and regulations regarding waste, clearance and health and safety to protect you and they should be able to answer any questions you may have to your satisfaction. If in doubt, find another company.

What do we do?

- We perform a property visit which details the amount of waste, type of waste, biohazardous events, mode of quarantine and transport if required, method of working, PPE pack, and how many staff are required (employed not self employed!) and even the outside area to analyse who owns the land and a plan of action for waste removal, sorting and disposal.

We arrange the skip, transport and all the full legal paperwork and consignment notes required and have both a lower and upper tier waste transfer licence registered with environmental health.

We even check electric and if needed book in our generator and battery operated floodlighting system, if no water we can even book our 800ltr water vehicle to supply our equipment and specialist operatives.

We are fully experienced and provide the legal paperwork in dealing with firearms (which we surrender and gain/ archive relevant paperwork, sharps (did you know different types of medication require different types of sharps box?!) Biohazardous human or animal waste and the waste generated by our clinical cleaning if required afterwards.

Our hoarder clearance and extreme deep cleaning services in Telford, Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton have had us work with hundreds of organisations and property agents who are not even based in the UK but Germany, Malta, Florida, Ireland and Spain who trust us when a hoarder clearance and clean is needed with over 40,000 hours of experience.

Our specialist operatives have access to full hazmats, full face respirators and even slash proof Kevlar laced glove and gauntlet changes just in case.

Unlike many cleaning companies that have mostly standard cleaning work and do the odd hoarder or specialist clean when it comes up every couple of months, Shropshire Expert Cleaners LTD do not have regular cleans but rather regular clients that book in specialist and hoarder cleans monthly so we have vast experience in working in this area.

Why not make sure you give us a call if you have hoarding cleaning or clearance needs in Telford, Shrewsbury or Wolverhampton on 07462 479 576 (our 24 hour/ 7 day per week customer line).


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