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Hoarder Clearance Services in Telford & Shrewsbury

Shropshire Expert Cleaners LTD are award winning, leading specialists in Shropshire when it comes to clearances and cleaning at all levels of hoarders.

As professionals we know how to collect/ bag and dispose of different types of waste. We protect you from fines and possible prison sentences from the department of environmental health because we fully dispose of waste and the journey is fully traceable and trackable with certificates.

Whether biohazardous, construction or general waste we have over 7 different waste providers which we customise for each job depending on the waste and whether it will be recycled, sent to landfill or incinerated - we also hold a lower and upper tier waste transfer licence.

Whatever your need when it comes to hoarders which we know generally come with thousands of absailing spiders, no electric or water and often have access issues and rodents, call the experts and receive your free fully comprehensive written report.

When you need a professional response, go for a professional company. Why not call us today on 07462 479 576.

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