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What is a deep clean service?

What is a deep cleaning service?

The term deep clean has no hard or fast rules regarding what it includes. Each cleaning company decides which standard of cleaning they decide a 'deep clean' to meet or exceed.

Many cleaning companies for example such as us include cleaning of internal windows as part of the deep cleaning process and some do not. Some will only wipe and dry surfaces, while others such as us will pre-spray, scrub, rinse, polish then dry surfaces.

It is also important as a customer to know what your expectations are for deep cleaning. Our base level of deep clean is often the top level cleaning service offered by other cleaning companies in Shropshire.

Do you need a deep clean with everything scrubbing? Or a sparkle clean where things just need a polish? Do you need a deep clean because it is a little messy or because someone unfortunately has passed away leaving a bio-hazard?

Knowing what you expect from a clean in often important but not essential. After all a professional deep cleaning company that has been running for several years and tens of thousands of hours experience should know when the provide the on site quote!

If a cleaning company does not give you confidence in their abilities then never use them. An exceptional cleaning company is like a doctor, you should tell them whats wrong and they should know exactly what to prescribe from their skill set to make it happen and get your home to a healthy state.

At a minimum they should offer you what we do, free on site visit and comprehensive written quotation. This also gives you the opportunity to make sure you are happy and confident with the cleaning company, the staff, how they present themselves, in person.

You can understand why it is almost impossible to quote online or by a phone call, because their are so many variations of deep cleaning expectations and we recommend this as we often are called in to clean up after other cleaning companies!

Whoever you choose make sure they offer you the following TOP EIGHT which shows their cleaning confidence:

  1. Good friendly initial communication by email, phone or text message.

  2. Onsite viewing & comprehensive written quotation listing all the work they will complete and references if you feel you need them should never be a problem.

  3. Uniformed, easily identifiable staff.

  4. Waste transfer license from the Environmental Agency if they are removing waste.

  5. Unless a specialist job (which have much higher overheads and a bigger risk to the cleaning company) payment should be asked for AFTER the completing of the job and AFTER you have inspected and signed off the clean.

  6. Find their testimonials and make sure you are happy with their past work

  7. When looking at their website are the pictures real take of their real staff and real situations or simply stock pictures bought from shutterstock for example or downloaded off Google images?

  8. Go with your gut :)

We hope these deep cleaning tips really help you whether you use us or another company, stay safe, happy and healthy :)

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