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Deep Cleaning Services Shrewsbury

Every cleaning company has a self created version of what they deem to be a deep clean. More professional and experienced cleaning establishments have more in-depth and higher level checklists to work with.

Having over 50,000 hours experience among our staff for the past ten years we have developed some serious standards! In fact, our lowest level deep clean is often the same level as many companies highest level.

What is involved in a deep clean?

Firstly we do not simply spray and wipe as many do, we pre-spray, scrub, rinse then polish dry which leaves a nice shine not just a clean look! It also removes smell caused by bacteria and in ten years we have never needed to use one air freshener :)

  • Pre-spray, scrub, rinse and polish of all skirting boards, doors, door frames, door handles, banisters, internal windows and frames with sills.

  • Pre-spray, scrub, rinse and polish of wall mounted controls such as light switches, light dimmers, shower switches, plug sockets, heating controls, extractor fans.

  • Draining and acid treatment of toilet bowls if mineral deposits, heavy limescale or calcium is hardened and thickened.

  • Acid limescale treatment removal from baths, showers, shower doors/ screens, taps, toilets, sinks, stainless steel and safe metal areas.

  • High HEPA filter allergy hoovering of carpets and hard floors

  • Hot mop or 5.0 Barr steam blasting of hard floors, tiles and vinyl.

  • Polishing and dust extraction of any remaining furniture.

  • Scrub and polish cleaning of internal/ external kitchen/ bathroom units.

  • Clean of extractor filter covers in kitchen but we do not clean the internal of extractors.

  • De-grease foam scrub and chemical melt of grease and grime in kitchen areas.

  • Cleaning and polishing or mirrors and wall mounted items throughout.

  • Cleaning and disinfection of white goods if required.

  • High spectrum disinfection of all touch points and kitchen items.

  • Mould surface and root termination.

  • Optional - professional hospital (we actually use this in hospitals) air and surface advanced disinfection.

When considering a deep clean, always be careful if a company prefers to provide a quote without viewing the premises, how do they know what chemicals to use? the health and safety implications? The types of surfaces and potential damage to them if the wrong chemicals are used? How long will it take and with how many cleaners?

We always come and visit on site, allow you to meet us and make sure we are a good fit to deliver your service, you then get a professionally put together quote the same day via email and we will often reserve the date for 24 hours for you to think and compare us to other quotations.

Why not call us today for a deep cleaning quote for your simple to specialist project in Telford, Shrewsbury or Wolverhampton?


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