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What is a deep clean? Deep cleaning service Telford & Shrewsbury

Cleaners come in all types and offer all kinds of services.

The term deep cleaning can be defined by each individual cleaning company. After comparing our standard of deep cleaning services against many cleaning companies in Telford & Shrewsbury it has become obvious that our standard lowest level deep cleaning service is much higher than many cleaning companies highest level deep clean.

Deep cleaning with about 95% of cleaning companies we have researched simply include only a spray, and wipe of paintwork. Our lowest deep clean means we pre-spray and allow time for it to break up stains while we perform another job, then we scrub, then rinse with a damp cloth and then dry all paintwork to a buff. Small things like this means upgrading a dull but clean surface to a clean, disinfected and shiny surface.

We also apply professional disinfectant to all your paintwork, kitchen units and worktops as standard! No supermarket bought disinfection products here! Minimum of 99.99% kill of viruses and bacteria.

We also offer clinical deep cleaning which take us into the realm of specialist and expert cleaning services when we get to eliminating germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses that are invisible to the human eye used to decontaminate universities, schools, hospitals, clean rooms, labs, vets and even power station properties at up to a 99.9999% proven, documented and tested kill rate.

When you need a professional clean, its always best to call on a professional company who can offer you expert services and advice wrapped in a first class customer experience.

Why not give us a call today and compare us to other companies who you have coming to perform a quote? See why we are reviewed as 5* by over 80 testimonials across our social media platforms wrapped in our excellence award winning recognition by

Call our 24 hour line on 07462479576

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