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Professional Communal Apartment Cleaners Telford | Shrewsbury | Wolverhampton

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Professional Communal Apartment Cleaners Telford, Shrewsbury Wolverhampton
Professional Communal Apartment Cleaners Telford, Shrewsbury Wolverhampton

Shropshire Expert Cleaners offer an award winning regular communal apartment cleaning services in Telford, Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton.

Why not see the top reasons why you should call us:

1. We are specialist cleaners - this means we can respond to emergencies we may come across on site with your permission. Animal or human waste removal and sanitation from squatters for example.

2. We provide real time direct reporting of unusual situations, strange unsupervised packages, evidence of tenant breaches (pets or drug use for example) potentially hazardous situations, reports from tenants regarding broken or damaged items in the communal areas, overflow of rubbish areas etc. Usually we report with supporting pictures in real time on site using Whatsapp.

3. Litter picking services can be included to the immediate outside grounds.

4. We can perform expert end of tenancy cleans of any apartments within the area that become vacant. If you require specialist services we can build these in for you too - please do not forget we no longer professionally clean ovens.

5. Part of our service is health awareness of your tenants. With this in mind, we disinfect light switches, plug sockets, handrails, window handles, door handles and such.

6. As standard we professionally hoover, clean internal windows & sills, monthly of skirting boards, disinfection mentioned in point 5, clean-down of doors and removal of cobwebs (we can reach up to 25 feet.)

7. Our staff are easily identifiable in professional uniforms and lanyards.

We charge £14 per hour for this service and this is available as a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly service.

Why not Simon on 07462479576?

Shropshire Expert Cleaners

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