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Shropshire Expert Cleaners have now put together a BRAND NEW SERVICE exclusively for social service, mental health teams and emergency services such as police forces following the pandemic.

The pandemic has created this need for a limited time and we expect this service to remain available and in place for six months after the lock down has ended.

We are very well aware that mental health workers and social services have not been able to physically visit vunerable people over the last couple of months. As the lockdown begins to ease you will more than likely have a list of people to visit who you have not been able to get in touch with.

This is where our Emergency Entry & Proof of Life Inspection comes into play (EEPLI)

We can be in attendance when you open the front door - should you suspect that the person inside may have passed away biohazardous health and safety issues come into play such as:

  • Extremely strong odours cause by rotting food or bodies,

  • Biohazardous fluids caused by multiple events which could be attached onto clothes or shoes and tracked into your car or home,

  • With rotting materials & flesh can come thousands of flies, maggots and other germ carrying insects,

  • Visual sights that may cause mental, psychological distress or trauma.

At Shropshire Expert Cleaners we appreciate the sadness and tragedy of such events but we are also used to being in these kind of environments.

With this in mind Shropshire Expert Cleaners if available will meet your social service worker and perform a EEPLI at the property while either video recording, live streaming or providing an audio description of what they see room by room.

Alternatively should you open the door and then notice an overwhelming odour and no verbal reply to your calls we urge you to call us then rather than enter the premises unprotected.

Once we have searched the property we will exit and report to you, you can then:

1 - Enter - if proof of entry inspection if POSITIVE (tenant is alive)

2 - Call for funeral director (if tenant has deceased)

We can then quote if you require a biohazard after death clean.

Simply call us and let us know you need a proof of life inspection and we will look at booking you in as urgent. Or call us if you suspect on entry this may be the case.


If the tenant is alive and no biohazards are present we will only charge for replacement// wash down of our suits and replacement filters - £100.

If the tenant is deceased then biohazard contamination is high and therefore we will need to charge for further decontamination services of our staff - £200.

Please call us on 07462 479 576

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