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"The most damaging & infectious dangers we face daily are the things we cannot see, smell or hear."

Standard or Specialist Cleaning?


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What is classed as specialist cleaning?

Virus Bacteria Outbreak Biofogging

Specialist cleaning can be defined as cleaning that is required to be above standard industry levels.


The repercussions of incorrectly completing or operating this type of clean can mean spread of or increase of dangerous infection or biohazards, potential harm or death

& government fines and sanctions.

Clients call when there is a required clean-up of:

  • End of tenancy or moving out/ in

  • Blood & bodily fluid spills from vehicles or properties

  • Human & animal waste removal

  • Attended & unattended deaths

  • Accidental, deliberate or violent conflict deaths

  • Disease or sickness outbreaks

  • Deep or clinical standard cleaning

  • Fly/ maggot/ mosquito infestations

  • Mould remediation & termination

  • Hoarder cleans

  • House item removal/ skipping & trash houses

  • Post eviction & repossession

  • Other undefined activities requiring a response


Situation not listed? Call us on 07462 479 576.

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