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Emergencies happen suddenly and without warning. When it comes to your business or property a quick and professional response can make all the difference. Emergency response is also available for crime scenes, suicide or attended/ unattended deaths including removal and disposal of hazardous materials.

If you are in need of an emergency response please call us immediately on 07462 479 576 to see if we have availability.


If you are a platinum client then you automatically benefit from a six hour response or consultation service.

It helps if you have the following information to leave on our voicemail or email if we do not pick up the call immediately:

  • Location (post code/ area)

  • Type of threat (infection/ sickness outbreak)

  • Is the building of location vacated (it would need to be)

  • Area to be sanitised (Square footage if possible/ number of rooms)

  • Level of urgency (see below)

1 - None urgent (information and pricing only)

2 - Routine treatment - prevention - (treatment within three months)

3 - Treatment in response to potential threat - (treatment between one week - one month)

4 - Treatment in response to imminent threat (treatment between 24 hours - one week)

5 - Treatment in response to active threat (treatment within 24 hour window)

Simply let us know the level of urgency based on the scale above so that we can prioritise call backs if the call goes through to voicemail.

The TOP 10 reasons to call us today

The facts below cover two specialist services (air and surface disinfection) Using only one of our services may not qualify you for all ten.

  1. There is no currently known germ that has developed a resistance against our bio-fogging service and is fully biodegradable and alcohol free. (August 2018)

  2. Our disinfection service is highly comprehensive, safe, halal certified and affordable.

  3. Powershield Advanced Barrier Technology in our sourced bio-fogging solutions leaves a protective barrier on surfaces that continues to work for up to 30 days after the initial application.

  4. Our solution is unscented meaning it does not trigger allergies once completed and requires only 30 - 45 minutes ventilation on treatment completion.

  5. Receive a treatment certificate on completion for your archiving - suitable to give to the environmental department

  6. We have public liability, employee liability insurance as well as both lower and upper waste transfer licences.

  7. Viruses and bacteria begin termination within 30 seconds of treatment - which also kills smells & odours

  8. We sanitise not only hard surfaces but the air within the room also - eliminating air transmitted germs

  9. Graded as International Log 6 meaning 100% kill rate of bacteria in suspended tests and EN approved.
  10. FREE, no obligation consultations & written quotations.

Call us today on 07462 479 576

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