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Commercial Cleaners - Telford | Shrewsbury | Wolverhampton (VIDEO)

Shropshire Expert Cleaners get emergency response calls to business and commercial venues when these are repossessed, tenants evicted or clear outs and deep cleans are required.

This call-out was required in an Indian restaurant where the tenants had been evicted several months ago and electric had not been running for several weeks.

The workman had been inside to clear out the building. While attending the kitchen they opened an airtight walk in fridge freezer which had purified meat, rotten and liquidised fish and seafood. This being one of the worst odours on Earth resulted in them becoming violently sick and us getting the call.

Shops over 300 feet away could smell the odour when this situation occurred.

We drained and sanitised with odour control the food areas, bagged, tagged and removed the items in the van with a quick trip to Mcdonalds on the way home!

Commercial agent or surveyor? Give us a call!

Simon Campbell


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