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Best Deep Cleaning Services - Telford, Wolverhampton, Dudley

What is a deep clean - is it enough to kill the Coronavirus?

The definition of a 'deep clean' depends on the cleaning company. A deep clean primarily focuses on what can be seen such as removal of staining from paintwork and mould from windows and kitchen units. Items such as skirting boards will be cleaned too, generally items that would not be cleaned in a short weekly scheduled clean. Sometimes very basic disinfection is used such as a 99.9%.

A deep clean of this description is what tends to be the highest level of clean you will get from a standard cleaning company. As we are a professional specialist cleaning company a deep clean is the minimum and lowest service level we offer and currently we do not offer deep cleaning for Coronavirus cleans because in our opinion it is not nearly at the specialist level required for an Infection Control clean.

For Coronavirus, viral and disease outbreak threats we have what is called a 'Clinical Deep Clean' this combines expert cleaning of what can be seen and professional forensic cleaning of what cannot be seen. Hence a powerful combination that utilises our skills are forensic cleaners with disinfectants up to 300 times stronger than shop bought and environmentally friendly at 99.9999%.

So when you ask a cleaning for a deep clean for a COVID19 threat do not forget to ask them the following five questions:

  1. What disinfectants do you use and what is the contact time, kill percentage against Coronavirus?

  2. What is the EN number that proves their solution kills the Coronavirus (EN14476 is the answer)

  3. What is your process for an Infection Control clean?

  4. Can you send me an example of a recent risk assessment you have done for a COVID19 clean?

  5. What is the difference between a clinical deep clean, and a standard deep clean?

If they cannot answer the above please do not presume they know how to kill viruses, it is possible for a cleaning company who does not know what they are doing to spread the virus from one room, to the entire building if they have no idea what they are doing!

When you need professional cleaners who have experience with Infection Control cleaning and are approved contractors for 55 schools, Dudley Council, Telford & Wrekin Council, Shropshire Council and more why not give us a call?

Call Simon on 07462 479 576


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