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Carpet removal, uplift in Telford, Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton

As part of our trauma, removal of odour or hazardous clearance services did you know that we also uplift, remove and legally dispose of vinyl, carpet and underlay?

These items require specialist destruction as they can be difficult to destroy, especially carpets and uplifting them can be very dangerous as it can release hazardous dust particles in the air such as dried faeces and urine, body parts of dust mites, fleas, dead skin cells, decayed carpet fibres.

These can be inhaled and breathed in through your nose or mouth, get into your eyes, and under your nails ready for you to dig into that toast you plan to eat later! It can even simply rest on your skin and clothes ready for you to transport into your car, brush into your mouth, transfer when you hug your family or to another place, and we have not even mentioned your hair or shoes.

While most carpet and vinyl uplift are relatively harmless, in places where people have died, have had pets, have had the unfortunate environment where people have not been able to control bodily functions always get professionals like us to come in and complete it from beginning to end.

We also provide you with all the relevant paperwork as you also need to make sure that from the house, to the waste transfer station to recycling and destruction every single mile of the journey needs legally documenting for your contractor and for you. More and more companies are trying to get away with illegal tipping at recycling centres or local tips or fly tipping, make sure you use a company that can cover and protect you.

We can also de-odorise and fully disinfect air and hard surface at the same level we do the the NHS if needed too.

If you think we can help you with carpet uplifting in Telford, Shrewsbury or Wolverhampton please get in touch!

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